aw man elfquest stuff :)

The Pinis are having an Elfquest collectibles sale, as they’re apparently trying to clear stuff out. They intend to run it over several weeks, adding stuff as they go.

I do not need any of their stuff to become my stuff, I said with grim determination. I don’t I don’t I don’t. Unless they come up with the red leather-bound compilation of all four of the Starblaze Donning GNs, which I saw as a teen in Bosco’s Comic Shop in Anchorage Alaska and did not, of course, have $125 for and never really even entertained the thought of asking my parents if they would buy it for me, which in retrospect they might actually have done, but which I didn’t imagine possible at age fourteen. :)

Or one of the leatherbound editions of the 2nd Starblaze Donning GNs. That’d be good too. Because I clearly need another 30 year old book to add to my collection. (I do, actually; I have there rest of them!) Or–yeah I better just stay away from that auction, eh? :)

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