Remind me on Monday to call the Irish Embassy and find out what the story with the citizenship paperwork is.

Dad and I went out for coffee this morning (resulting in me being very awake and bouncy today, even if I only had hot chocolate, not coffee per se) and talked about On Your Left a bit. I believe I’m going to do it as a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of America (and the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, as well, since I’ll be doing 2000 miles of my ride /through/ Canada) rather than Make A Wish, because the Boys and Girls Club has the potential to reach a much, much broader base of children than Make A Wish.

Also, Dad pointed out that I was doing things really very much the hard way when it came to my calendar for OYL; really, I don’t *need* a nifty interactive calendar. I just … want one. But I must get in gear, so for the time being I’ll put up an HTML calendar, and call it good. :)

Off I go to work on that!