in which empirical evidence is on their side

day two books!

To the vast amusement of the friends in the previous post, I have written…I don’t know. Something in the region of 30,000 words in the past week. #Nanowriweek, another friend said. It was actually intended to be *much* closer to an actual Nanowriweek, except something went Horribly Wrong with SEAMASTER and I spent literally all day yesterday dealing with that and got nothing written at all.

Anyway, I was aiming for 90K & Done by today, but I’m at 82K & Not Done as of this morning. Nor is the book going to be done *at* 90K; it’ll probably be about 105K, which…well, if I cut the first 3 chapters, as I’d at first thought I might, it would be landing around 95K, which is pretty close to my anticipated wordcount, but if I’m leaving them in place, and I think I am, that’s why it’s coming in over. Which is fine, except for the part where it’s not done when I want it to be.

I’m considering going to see the Last freaking Jedi today, not because I have any overwhelming urge to see it right away–I’m not a particular Star Wars fan, and would be happy to wait a few weeks, except I would also like to see it *relatively* unspoiled and my options are clearly Stay Off The Internet Entirely or Go See It Soon–but honestly I’m also considering going to town and sitting in the theatre cafe all day and just writing. I would get more emotional satisfaction from that, but it increases the likelihood of spoilers exponentially, so IDK. *grumpy face* Stupid movie. I wish it had come out next week. (I am the only person on earth who wishes that.)

Anyway, it’s pushing 8am here and the day has to get started, so I’m off to…get it started. Be well, everybody. ♥