end media blackout

At least, a theoretical end to the media blackout. I should probably carry on with it to a fair degree, because it was pretty successful.

I think I got around 40K written in September, maybe as much as 50, including all the synopsizing and stuff I did for the epic proposal. It made a dent, anyway, in my to-do list, and I’m considerably less freaked out than I was at the beginning of September.

The epic proposal isn’t quite done, although that had been my hope. The bulk of the work is done, but I’ve got polishing to do and at least one chapter to bulk up. I’ve made huge inroads on improving the first book synopsis (which wasn’t bad to begin with) and I’ve written a considerable amount (some of it, ah, more coherent than other parts) for Future Books/Series Synopsis stuff. In a truly ideal world I would get the whole package off to my agent on Friday, but that’s wildly unlikely. (Actually. *stares at what I need to do this month* This Friday might be necessary. Hrm.)

Remaining goals for this year: finish two books, write 3-5 short stories & make 40 pounds of fudge. Not necessarily in that order, mind you. (Not even vaguely in that order.)

The media blackout gave me a chance to also do half a 500 piece puzzle (I didn’t stop, I’m just not done yet :)). I read a few books (not many, although a couple more than I expected to). I watched four or so episodes of Person of Interest on non-writing nights, and saw a couple of movies. I also managed to tidy the dining room and, to a lesser degree, the office, so that they are more bearable places to be in. I probably also accomplished some other stuff I can’t think of right now.

I have ambitions, in October, of making Young Indiana’s Halloween costume *before* Halloween eve. #nods

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