I’m such a dork. We got a bill from ACS, whose service we had cancelled, and all grumpily I called up and said, “We cancelled our service, but we got another bill, and I thought the last one was the last one, so I was just wondering if we were going to keep being billed until the end of time.”

And the very nice lady looked it up and said to me, “Actually, that’s a credit,” and upon her saying this, I saw that indeed, after the BIG BLOCK LETTERS that said AMOUNT DUE BY MAY 9, 2002: $ it also said, CR.

Boy, do I feel dumb. Fortunately, I hadn’t been horribly rude, and the lady was very nice to dumb lil’ ol’ me. O.O And now *they* are going to send *us* a check next Monday. Heh. O.O