ER is bad.

ER is bad. V. bad. Ted had it on when I came downstairs this morning, and I was obliged to watch the whole episode instead of turning the TV off when he left and writing. The only thing to be said in my defense is that at least I turned it off before the next episode started. Bad. V. bad.

Yesterday I pulled a pair of jeans that I thought were 12s out of the closet to try them on, just because, and I slid them on and they fit with room to spare, which indicated to me that they were certainly *not* 12s. But they are 14s, and they do have room to spare, and I haven’t been able to wear them for years, so I’m very very pleased. Plus it means I’ve got two pairs of 14s, which should get me through to buying 12s, which is good because the 2 pairs of 16s I have have really fallen apart and aren’t really wearable anymore.

I need to dry my hair and write and go for a walk. ER *bad*.

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