er, oop.

Oop. missed being social except to say hi, but that’s ok. There will no doubt be time later. :)

Saturday I sat around and read all day, despite it being a beautiful day. I did not go bike riding at all. Today I hear my mother’s voice saying, “Go outside and play!” and me saying, “But Moooooooom! I’m READING!” And because it is grey and chillier today, I wish I’d listened to Mom. Except she didn’t say it yesterday. :)

I got a cell phone. Ai!

I also got two more pairs of tennies, watched Tracker, and read 3 books. Those were my accomplishments for Saturday.

Sunday, I went to the gym:

    3 sets of 15 unless otherwise noted

  • 175 crunches
  • 25 pushups
  • leg press, 160lbs
  • hip abducters, 90lbs
  • inner thigh crunch, 90lbs
  • leg extensions, 40lbs
  • leg curls, 60lbs
  • back extensions, 50lbs
    weight-free floor exercises

  • mule kicks
  • pelvic tucks (let’s do the time warp again!)
  • leg lifts

Then we cleaned house and then I took a bath and now I’ve logged on to the computer. :) That’s all!