event horizon

I have crossed 120K–the approximate length of the original PRIDE & PREJUDICE–and I am firmly within the Novelist’s Event Horizon. I have 3-5 chapters left. I will continue to have 3-5 chapters left until I am suddenly done. This is how it always goes at the end of a book. I’m not quite at the stage of being ready to scream because it’s not yet done, although I’m going to have to wrap it up pretty quick to not get to that stage.

This morning on Twitter someone was bemoaning the fact that she was not getting a Thing done because she was writing, and why was it that her time management skills disappeared when she was writing? And the answer to that is because there are no time management skills for writing, because when you are writing there is nothing as important as writing. There just isn’t.

That, incidentally, is probably the best way to know if you’re doomed to be a professional writer. If you would rather be writing than doing anything else, like, say, maintaining any kind of life, or work/life balance, you’re pretty well screwed and may as well embrace it.

Also, you can tell when I’m writing a book because it’s all I ever post about. :p

ytd wordcount: 68,300

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