Had I not told Peg Kerr that I was going to walk last night, I probably would have flaked on going to the gym. However, having told a relative stranger I was going to do this, I somehow felt more obligated to. Perhaps I should make a habit of going around to random people’s blogs and announcing that I’ll be walking tonight.

Anyway, so I did manage to gym, and I walked 3.5 miles, and my feet are a bit tender, but I did it! Also did some floor work and some upper body weight lifting, which was enough to make me stretchy-stiff this morning but not yet crippled from pain. That’s good. :)

Then Ted and I went out to TGIF’s and had birthday brownies, since I’m not making his birthday cake until this weekend. So, y’know, I negated the whole having gone to the gym thing, but perhaps I at least held my ground instead of losing any. And the brownies were *very* good. *Completely* unnecessary after the 40oz of water I drank at the gym, but birthdays aren’t about necessity!

Writing this morning went a lot better than yesterday. 1885 words, and at 10 after eight this morning I noticed it was, well, ten after eight, and went ‘crap! late for work!’ *pause* ‘oh well, only a little left to write on this chapter.’ Finished the chapter and got to work at about 8:20, which wasn’t bad. And ooh! I either, er, broke 60K this morning, or I didn’t! *o.o* I can’t remember if I’m at 239 or 249 pages. *laugh*

thinks to do:
1. clean desk enough to arrange water jug & mug conveniently
2. go to Yoga For Weenies class
3. make dinner
4. work with Chanti
5. *mail* the letter to the IRS

ytd wordcount: 25,750
miles to Rivendell: 363.5