Failed! Failed the red-eye upgrade roll! For both the Mexico trip *and* the Boston trip, siiiiigh. Oh well. I did, however, upgrade the trip back from Mexico, because what the hell. :) And I also consolidated my old Alaska Airlines mileage plan, the card for which I’d lost, with my new one, so that’s good. And with the two trips this fall, we oughta rack up the mileage. Maybe next year we can go to Ireland, or something! In, y’know. Our copious free time.

Lucy has spent the last hour MEOWLing. She seems to have finally gotten over whatever her major malfunction was, and now she’s sleeping on the monitor. Weird cat.

oh! oh! The nice people at the Irish embassy answered my email and told me that I could just scribble out the places where I’d screwed up on my passport application, and initial them. I think I’ll do that, *and* write a letter saying, “They told me to do this!” Now I’m waiting to hear about what to do about the fact that they wrote the wrong city down on Deirdre’s foreign birth registration form.

To summarize the Irish citizenship thing, for those readers who came in late:

As the grandchild of an Irish-born citizen (my grandfather emigrated to the States in the 1920s), I’m eligible for dual citizenship. There’s a tremendous amount of paperwork that had to be located and filled out — Grandpa’s parents’ marriage certificate, his birth certificate, his marriage certificate; my mom’s birth certificate, her marriage certificate; and my birth certificate. I think that’s everything. So we did all of that and in October 2001 my sister and I became foreign-born Irish citizens.

(There’s no oath of allegiance required, no renunciation of American citizenship; it is, yes, legal and permitted to hold dual citizenship.)

So now, having farted around for a long time, I’m getting it together so I can get my passport and so that Ted can apply for his Irish citizenship by way of being married to an Irish citizen. (Him being able to do this is not dependent on my passport, it’s just that I need to get the passport thing done.)

On a *completely* unrelated note, I’m thinking of dying my stripe back to brown for the winter.