My back was just psyching me out yesterday. It’s not really better. :( I’m going to call the chiro when they open at 9 and see if I can get an appointment this morning. *sigh*

Screwing up my back certainly put a damper on my enthusiasm for exercising. I’m all like, ‘blah, who cares, too much work, blah, snivel’. I really wanted to be able to try that running program, but this doesn’t seem real promising, does it. I’ll talk to the chiro about it, but I’m kind of figuring that until I get a clean bill of health from him, running is probably out. At least if it’s going to do this to me, it is.

Maybe I should start swimming again instead. But running is free and paying for a pool, even the cheap university pool, is $75 to $150.

Hungry. Crabby. Frustrated. :(

And the stupid light in the office is out and I’m feeling irrationally nervous about the idea of climbing onto a chair to change it. I just shouldn’t have gotten up this morning. :P