filter invitation, or something :)

I’m about to make a locked posting (or several) with some artwork I’ve received from various artists for my Chance comic book I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’m filtering it as friends-only for the time being, but please let me know in this post if you’d like to be excluded, and if people prefer exclusion I’ll make up a custom filter.

I *will* put all the art behind cut tags, fwiw. :)

(eta: 1. I’m trying to be sure to remove the non-primary name on my flist that I know are one person with more than one account who’ve got me friended with both, so those folks don’t get spammed, and

2. if you want to post to say you want *in* on the filter (since I’m customizing it already anyway, and people are doing it already) just lemme know. In this post. :))


  1. mizkit

    *looks vaguely sheepish* Sorry if I’m going on too much about it. I know I’m flipping back and forth between Chance and boring writing nattering. It’s a way to keep my own sanity, but I fear for other people’s. :)

    OTOH, I am very *pleased* to have people who are not trad comic book geeks interested, because among other things that gives me room to provide pages for commentary and flow for people who aren’t *trained* to read them. You and might both be good for that!

  2. mizkit

    Certainly. I donno what you might think, but I think that Robert Lontoc, in a couple years, might have the chops to do a *really* cool L&A. That was half of why I wrote back to him. :)

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