It’s the final countdown!

The Redeemer Chronicles Kickstarter has clicked over to counting down the hours instead of the days!

It’s going great guns, guys. It’s €220 from reaching the copy editor stage and only €2220 from reaching Lindsey Look cover art! It’s already blown away my hopes of 300 backers and is charging merrily on toward my revised dream of 350! (I confess that I’m even hoping for 365 now, one for each day of the year! :))

In fact, it’s just 5 more backers to reach my dream of 50 trade paperback backers! And there are *230* e-book backers! A mere TWENTY MORE would make a MIND-BOGGLING 250! It’s VERY EXCITING!

This is the point at which I really start flinging myself on the kindness of others for signal-boosting, since we’re going into the last hours now. Remember that there are three sample chapters to read, and if you feel up to it, make some noise! ♥

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