FINALLY. I’ve gotten some writing done. I did, well, ok, 200 words, on TB this morning, before needing to do research, so I’ll probably throw most of them out, but hey, at least I did them, and I got another 1200 words written on TQB. They are very, very *bad* words and are going to need serious editing (like, I’m thinkin’ that there’s at least one page of telling that needs to be turned into about 3 pages of showing, and … I think that’s true in at least two or three places, gah), but I can’t fix it if I don’t at least have the bones down, so I’m gonna work with this ‘telling’ thing for this chapter, at least, and go back and do rewrites.

However, that’s the “work on it catch-as-catch-can” project. TB is the big guns, and I’m feeling pretty confident of being able to make some real headway into ch. 8 tomorrow.

Ha cha cha!

In other news, Mom and Dad and Shaun’s parents, Gary and Sandra, came over tonight for dinner. Ted made his Amazing Salmon Chowder, and I made rolls that were a bit crunchy but generally good, and we had a very funny time exchanging airplane horror stories. :) It was a very nice evening, and *laugh* if Shaun’s folks get weathered in tomorrow, Ted and I are going to go out to dinner with them. No Shaun, probably, because he’s got class tomorrow night and a project to finish, but, as Gary said, “We’ll go without him! We’ve done it before!” *laugh* Shaun’s parents are great. :) ALL of our parents are great. Every time we see any of them we all end up remarking on that to one another. We have good families! *beam*

And I’m not saying that just ’cause Sandra gave me a congratulatory card for selling books, either. :)

*V.* sleepy now. Off to bed with me!

ytd wordcount: 224,900

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