finishing up a busy weekend

Finishing up a busy weekend. I did work on a drawing a little bit last night, so I feel slightly less lame, and we went to Chicago, which I enjoyed a great deal. I didn’t know the music or the storyline, having never seen it before (well, I know All That Jazz, but who doesn’t?), and so I had no problems with whatever it is they might’ve done to the stage play in order to make it work on the screen.

Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere can all _really_ sing. Richard Gere had never tap danced before doing this movie, and apparently spent three very intense months learning so that he could do his own dancing — and he was good. I say this as a tap dancer. He was good. I enjoyed watching him very much.

Renee’d apparently never sung /or/ danced, and yowzah. Especially the singing. Yowzah.

It’s not a very *happy* story — it’s all about jealousy and greed and murder and fame — but I really enjoyed it! If you like musicals at all, go see it!

Hm, the dog wants out. *zum*