five things make a post

I have finished the major revisions to SHAMAN RISES and sent that chunk of the book off to my editor for approval while I polish up the edges of what’s left. My brain is fried.

I have, tragically, run out of chocolate chips and Kraft mac&cheese. It should be noted that this is not related to the previous paragraph.

I got hit with several spam messages in a row from a fake listserv. Now all the idiots on the ‘list’ are doing a reply-all and demanding to be removed from it, thus compounding the problem exponentially. The spammer must be so pleased. @.@

Anna Paquin has apparently brought the term ‘resting bitch face’ (or bitchy resting face) into public knowledge. I’ve heard it for quite a long time, and rather like it, although I do think resting bitch face is a default for a huge percentage of the population, both male and female, and that we should as a society get over it and stop asking people what’s wrong. But her demonstration is hysterical:

Resting Bitch Face, by Anna Paquin
Resting Bitch Face, by Anna Paquin

That is a *magnificent* resting bitch face. :)

Ted is torturing me by watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives when I’m hungry. I think I’ll go find an apple. Since we don’t have anything better. :)

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