The farking gym was closed. A piece of paper taped on the door saying, sorry, we’re closed, call some phone number or another for details–

–which I have just called, and the nice woman on the other end has no idea why it’s closed. Fnrt. She did, however, take my name and number so they could give me a free pass for the inconvienence, which is *something*, at least. Fuckers. I was really up for going to the gym. :P

Instead we went to The Scorpion King, which was such utter mind candy that it doesn’t do anything like leave a bad taste in the mouth. Or any taste at all, for that matter. Its most remarkable feat is that it is a 90 minute fight sequence, which is fairly remarkable. It has enough plot to hold the fight sequences together, there are no gaping plot holes that I noticed, and did you know Ben Affleck is going to be playing Jack Ryan in the next Tom Clancy movie? Morgan Freeman, from what Ted and I can tell, grows up to be James Earl Jones, which we thought was amusing. :) Ben’s a much better choice than Harrison Ford, who was just too old for the character. Ford would be a fine President Ryan, but the early adventure stuff should be done by someone younger. I think Alec Baldwin made a terrible mistake in not playing the character a couple more times. Oh well. He didn’t ask my advice. And Matt Damon is doing The Bourne Identity, which I hope will be a better movie this time than it was the first time they made it; if you want a good example of why you shouldn’t make a movie that really *does* follow the book, watch the original Bourne Identity. It’s a great book, but it was a stupifyingly dull four hour movie. Which I watched all of, for reasons that probably seemed good at the time. Like, it felt so good when I stopped, or something.

Anyway, and that’s pretty much my review of the Scorpion King, if you see what I mean.

We went to The Rookie last night, actually (two movies in a row! woot!) and it was a perfectly fine feel-good baseball movie. I don’t know why baseball movies work for me. I think it’s something they put in the water that affects the American unconscious. Anyway, it was fairly light and yeah, a feel-good movie.

Tomorrow I think I’ll go see Gosford Park, which is playing at the Bear’s Tooth. I should ask Mom if she’d like to go. Maybe I’ll do that!

I have done that! My Mommy wants to go to the movie with me! So, she expects, does my Daddy, and so does my roommate Shaun, and so perhaps I will see if I can shame Ted into going. ;) He’s not sure it’s his kind of movie, but perhaps he’ll want to go if a bunch of us do. :)

I should look up bike seat prices and stuff like that now, but I feel more like working on a drawing.