for pity’s sake

Oh, for pity’s sake, my HR is at it again. Well, okay, it’s payroll, this time.

Back around the 7th, I thought I got a Christmas bonus. Well, I didn’t. What I got was 6 or 7 months worth of California state taxes.

Except they paid me too much. By like $500.

So this paycheck they gave me $500 less.

Only they deposited 3.5x that ‘$500 less’ amount into my checking account.

And then they sent me an extra $1800 paycheck.

And now they want $3100 back.

Fortunately, the $1800 turns out to be Extremely Close to my vacation payout (off by like $15), and so instead of cutting me another check for my vacation payout, they’re writing that $1800 down as vacation pay. Since I thought that was my paycheck in the first place, I never wrote any other deposits down, so there’s this $4400 in the checking account that I didn’t know about. $1300 of that is the reduced paycheck that’s the result of them screwing up the back taxes paycheck earlier in December. The rest of it has to go back to my employers.

*I* think that if they screwed up, they should just give me the extra money.

The good news, however, is that they don’t want any money that’s already been spent back. I was pretty worried for a few minutes there. Gaaaah. *GAAAAH*.