four things make a performance post

I admit I’m taking a certain amount of glee from watching the horror of the Red Wedding unfold across my Facebook page (mostly Facebook; in other places the geek quotient is higher and more people knew what was coming). Bahahaha. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention the ridiculously cool birthday present I got. One of my friends is a performance artist, and was wracking his brain to come up with a gift for me, and suddenly thought, “I could do an in-home 5 minute performance!” And he did, much to my delight, since as it turns out his June performance piece is, um, the same day as the Bon Jovi concert that I bought tickets for months before Fergus’s performance was announced (“I knew Jon was going to interfere with this somehow,” he muttered).

Matt Smith is stepping down as the Doctor in the Christmas Special. That’s fine; whomever is the Doctor next will at least be fine, as Smith was, and will perhaps be wonderful, as Ecclestone and Tennant were. I’m much more interested in whether Moffat is also stepping down, because if he doesn’t, the new Doctor is going to be saddled with the same storytelling problems Matt’s run has had.

The Irish Film Institute is screening Before Sunrise and Before Sunset over the next several days, in lead-up to Before Midnight‘s opening in a couple of weeks. The Lighthouse Cinema said they might do a marathon, and I’d *rather* see the marathon, all 3 movies right smack in a row on the big screen, but they haven’t mentioned whether they’re really doing it or not (I’ve asked!), and I don’t want to miss the first two on the big screen if they’re NOT, but I don’t really want to watch them both twice in two weeks if they DO, so woe! Woe is me! Whatever shall I do!

I guess this is four things make a performance post, since I can’t think of anything else to add in under the heading right now. :)

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