Only (only) 3700 today. The book’s at around 65K, plus another 1400 I wrote the other day and haven’t worked in yet. Might hit 70K tomorrow. Probably will, actually, since I should be able to work this bit in tomorrow, and think I can manage an additional 3K. Have managed as many words so far this week as I wrote last week in total (a little over 19K), which once upon a time I would’ve considered a reasonably successful week and which I am now agog over. I like that word, agog. Anyway, expect to close out the week at around 22K written with, hopefully, just 10-12 chapters left to go.

Intend to spend the weekend hiding under the bed. Might see if Ted wants to go see Fast & Furious in an hour…

ytd wordcount: 142,300

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