funny ted!

Last night we went to Tony Roma’s for dinner, and there was a magician there. It must’ve been kids’ night, or something. Anyway, the magician was wandering around and stopping at different tables and doing tricks, and Ted couldn’t stop watching him. The magician came to the table next to us (behind me, but Ted was facing them) and did several tricks, which Ted watched (with a spoon upside-down in his mouth, at one point; he looked like a little kid), and then he did a rope trick where he made 3 pieces of rope of wildly different lengths all the same length. And Ted’s eyes just bugged out of his head. It was SO CUTE! Hee hee hee! I have the very cutest husband. *beam*

Um. There was something else I was going to say this morning. Don’t really remember what. Oh well.

Thinks to do today:
1. write 1800 words
2. swim
3. go on a 15 minute walk
4. maybe make some cookies

I had a nightmare about baking bread, last night. I’d forgotten to do a whole bunch of the things I was supposed to do (hadn’t prepared the yeast, hadn’t done this, hadn’t done that), and then somehow instead of 8 cups of flour I used 8 cups of salt. *shudder*