funny things with houseguests

Woe, our guest has had to return home, but she has left us with many smiles and funny memories. The other night she cleared her plate from the table, then returned to the dining room, where she picked up a napkin and wrung it as she gazed indecisively at our plates.

Ted said, in the driest and most certain tone ever, “You’re procrastinating. Go work on your thesis.”

She said, “I’m NOT! I’m trying to be a good guest!”

Ted said, “I’m married to a writer and you’re procrastinating. Go work.” And she did, although she protested that it wasn’t HER fault if being a good guest and procrastinating both displayed in the same way! :)

The next day she said, for reasons I no longer recall, “But you cook so well! You could feed me much less nice food and I’d still be happy!” Then she paused, reconsidered, and said, “I mean: ‘I require continued excellence in my culinary experiences.'”

So I fed her a tikka masala for dinner and a brownie sundae for dinner. :)

We have a pretty broad overlap of things we both love, which, the night before she left, resulted in Ted being treated to renditions of both “Kokomo” and “Dance Magic Dance,” which bemused him greatly and made us laugh at least that much. :) Eventually she’ll be done with her thesis and when she comes to visit we’re just gonna watch a million movies that we love and giggle a lot. :)

Yesterday after her departure I did a lot of stuff, and reported it thusly to Ted:

Me: I’ve made brownies and applesauce, planted bulbs with Henry, cleaned the kitchen, picked 6 cups of blackberries, done two loads of laundry and changed the sheets in the guest room.

Ted: I’m exhausted just reading about that.

Me: I also have to make jam, bread, and dinner.

Ted: Now you’re just showing off.

(I made jam and dinner but waited until this morning to make the bread, which is currently on its second rise. The 3rd load of laundry for the morning is in the washer, and there are more berries thawing for another batch of jam. I need to take a shower and write, not necessarily in that order.)

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