fuzz fuzz

Jai thinks that if I bleached the tweaky bit of my bangs that falls away from the rest of them, that’d be pretty cute, with this haircut, and I think she’s probably right. But in an attempt to not melt my hair, I don’t think I’ll do that just yet. :)

Jai came over for lunch today! Which is to say, Jai came over to pick up Tori’s dress and I lectured her on the X-Men. *laugh* Oh, and then I confused her because most of my friends have two names (or sometimes more!) and I refer to them by either or both indiscriminantly. *laugh* I hardly even think about it, but I know it’s very bizarre to talk about Deen or Aberdeen or Emily and be talking all about the same person. :)

Other things accomplished today: more laundry, and cake-making. Oh, plus a bunch of bugs fixed for work. Aren’t I studly? :)