Achy knees. Tired me, in general, which is, I suppose, the price for getting up at 5:30.

We went over to the University Center so I could get my stupid registration stuff taken care of, because they’re idiots on the phone, and it turns out they’re idiots in person, too, but eventually not only did I get registered (for a Spanish class) but also Ted got some stuff straightened out for /his/ classes this fall. Stupid stupid rat creatures. However, I was /not/ able to fill out a re-uppance for an alumni membership, so I’ve still got to do that so I can get a gym pass. :P

Got a rejection postcard today from the Curtis Brown Agency, to whom I’d sent a query about Angles. The postcard was generic, but someone had written, in big fat black marker, “I am sorry,” on it, and I thought that was charming, at least.

Borisjulie.com no longer sells prints of the covers of the Rogue: Icons miniseries (as shown here, here and here; if anybody knows where I can get copies of these, I’d really appreciate it. Not of the comics, I’ve got those, but actual prints of the paintings. Sigh.