Man. Got up, biked 16 miles and walked 1, today. Showered and ate breakfast and that’s all I’ve done so far today, since 9:15. But I’m bushed.

The walking was day 1 of the running card thingy. I walked about 17 minutes, not 15, ’cause one of the laps I did around the bowl up at Kincaid Park I took a slightly longer way around and added a minute or so. And also I was carrying my water bottle that lap, and I think the not swinging my arms as freely slowed me down a bit. No big, 17 minutes is fahn. It’s not like they’re going to take away my birthday for walking longer than I’m supposed to. :)

Gotta get offline for a few hours, to go do some other stuff that’s not at a computer. Gotta work tonight, so I’ll be back, perhaps with something stunning and exciting to say. Or, since that’s not likely, you should read Sarah’s Blogathon page, which is being updated half-hourly. Go Sarah!