Well, I’ve accomplished /some/ things today. For example, I’ve made a batch of peach jam which went wrong in every possible way (didn’t dice the peaches small enough, resulting in too few peaches for the amount of sure-jell added to the mix; the sugar didn’t burn, but it did brown, making for some v. ugly jam, and I’m pretty sure that even if it tastes okay, which I doubt it’s going to because I think it’s going to be like pieces of peach held together by a LOT of sugar, it’ll be too stiff to spread), I went over to the university and tried to buy a year pass to the gym but they wouldn’t bloody let me, and I brought Chantico for a walk. That’s the only thing that didn’t get mucked up somehow, so far.

Well, that and the waffles Ted made this morning, which were brilliant.

miles to Rivendell: 197.5