*gasp* My booklist has *failed* me! I read Signal to Noise and A Signal Shattered (by Eric Nylund) this afternoon; the latter, I’d intended to read, but when I picked it up, it turned out to be the sequel to the former, and I only very, very vaguely recalled the former, so I went to re-read the former. And I was telling Sarah how awful and turrible this was (poor me, *forced* to reread books!) and I went to look to see how long ago it had been since I’d read StN–

–and it WASN’T ON MY BOOKLIST! I thought, well, I must’ve read it more than 4 years ago, then, ’cause I started keeping my booklist in April 1998. Only then I went and looked up the printing date, and it was printed in paperback in June 1999.


I seem to recall having bought it in California–ah!

I *did* buy it in California, in June of 1999. I remember now: that was when Sarah and Den and Ted and I went to Sword Spectacular and Disneyland. And it got read on the plane, either on that trip or the next month when I flew down to California for Starling’s housewarming, which accounts for it not being on the list; I have a harder time keeping track of what I read on airplanes.

God alone knows why I remember where and when I bought it. Sheesh. Talk about a useless eidetic memory. Anyway, the list has failed me! But Sarah says I should put the title down in the time period I believe it was read in, so I think I shall do that. :)