GGK Book Club: The Darkest Road, ch 1-4

I was just sitting here frowning at my website wondering why a post hadn’t automatically posted and I realized it was because I hadn’t written it yet. @.@ And indeed, because I’m supposed to be working, and because I read the whole book at once this time, and don’t have it in my office right now, I’m going to make this a super short post primarily for the purposes of getting it out there rather than having anything insightful to say right now. I’ll try to get insights into the comments. :) But! I do remember a couple of things…

…like the fact that I’d forgotten, totally forgotten, that Jennifer sends Lance away before Arthur even wakes up, my god. For good reasons, even, but AUGH THE HEART STABBY HEARTSTABBINESS OF IT ALL.

Although that doesn’t come close to her sending poor Darien away, or the Light going out when he puts the Lisen’s circlet on, both of which I had *also* forgotten. Well, no, I mean, I remembered she wasn’t exactly Ms Nurturing when he came to see her, but the details of how he came to see her, waugh. #heartstabby

The rest I’m too blurry on when it happens to comment more right now, because I’ll probably be going past the end of chapter 4. :)

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