*laugh* We just scared the snot out of poor Chantico. We went to check the back roof to see if the wind storm had taken any shingles off, and so since we were at the back of the house, we came in through the back door, which we’ve never done before. Chanti jumped up with her hackles all raised and said “BOWWORRORRR RROOOOW ROW ROW!” and danced around very unhappily until we reassured her. *laugh*

We went to see The Princess Bride at Bear Tooth. For reasons that are beyond me, they used 15 year old film instead of a DVD, and it was pretty scratchy, and worse, some of the lines got clipped–like, “I’m not left-handed, either!” Which made the entire adult audience groan in dismay. Anyway, it was lots of fun. It was good to see Tori and Jai. And then we went to Best Buy so I could buy the soundtrack on CD, ’cause I didn’t have it.

And now to finish the Angles synopsis and move the edits from the hard copy onto the softcopy so I can send them off to this lady. :)

music: The Princess Bride soundtrack