Gnaaaaaaah, what a morning.

Erica came over last night, and while we started to bring her home at a fairly reasonable hour, on the way home she mentioned a Fantastic Business Opportunity that’s come up for her, and while I think that her husband Joel is right and that she’s already made up her mind to do it, she’s in a (quite reasonable) panic and uncertainty stage, and wants to talk to people, use them as sounding boards, and get some reassurance. So we ended up talking until a quarter after twelve, and then came home and of course then I had to tell Shaun all about it, since he was wondering where we’d gotten to, and anyway, it was around 1am that we got to bed.

Then this morning I got up at the usual time, except it was an hour later than normal, and I had a chiropractic appointment at 9, which was 20 minutes after I woke up, so I leapt out of bed, put my contacts in the wrong eyes, spent a couple of minutes wondering why my left eye was seeing things So Very Clearly, and my right eye was unfocusing every time I blinked. I figured it out, switched my contacts, Ted dropped me off at the chiro and I had a nice short 10 minutes appointment and he got a few pops out of my neck (still a sensitive spot there, although not nearly as bad as it was) and I am now _absolutely_ convinced that if you’ve been going to a chiro for more than a few weeks, you have a chiro who is treating the symptom and not the cause and you should try to find another chiro. So Speaketh The Catie.

Then I walked home in the beautiful sunshiney morning and now I’m trying to get it together enough to shower, feed the dog and, uh, do some work.

Also, on my Thursday list of Thinks To Do, I put down ‘rewrite a chapter of US’. I didn’t get that done because there was a visitor last night, but I did get /some/ writing done. Does that count?