goals: ytd

Goals: year to date. Parenthetical statements indicate # achieved in June.

Words written
anticipated: 199,100
achieved: 149,000 (8,500)

Miles biked
anticipated: 750
achieved: 484.8 (201.2)

Miles swum
anticipated: 56
achieved: 19.3 (0)

Drawings drawn
anticipated: 50
achieved: 13.5 (0)

Books read
anticipated: 52
achieved: 36 (3)

Pounds lost
anticipated: 15
achieved: 7.5 (changing goal, see below)

Regarding the weight loss goal… I gained 5 pounds over the first 3.5 months of the year and have lost 7 pounds since mid-April. Because I wanted to lose 30 pounds it seemed like I should start with the weight that I started at at the beginning of the year, but I decided that I was just going to count pounds lost no matter what my starting weight was, because I’m still managing to accomplish something, anyway. So I’m counting myself down 7.5 pounds.

Other than that, though, June clearly hasn’t been a great month for accomplishing goals.