goals: ytd

Goals: year to date. Parenthetical statements indicate # achieved in March.

Words written
anticipated: 99,000
achieved: 120,250 (22,850)

Miles biked
anticipated: 0
achieved: 11.25

Miles swum
anticipated: 30
achieved: 17.8 (3.8)

Drawings drawn
anticipated: 30
achieved: 4 (2)

Books read
anticipated: 30
achieved: 25 (10)

Pounds lost
anticipated: 7.5
achieved: +5 (+3)

Well. Let’s take a look at our goals achieved at a quarterly level.

Obviously I kick ass in the writing department, am not too much of an embarrassment in the reading department, and have been doing all right, if not brilliantly, in the swimming department. Biking doesn’t really gear up until a little later this month, when it /warms/ up (it’s 16 right now. I am just not noble enough to go biking in 16 degree weather.), so that’s fine.

Drawing… well, I’d like to be doing better. I ought to set aside two hours a week just to work on drawings. That’d help.

But it’s clearly the weight loss department where I’m going to need to get medieval on my own ass. I’ve been noticing lately a similar effect from sugar on my body as from caffiene or alcohol–if I eat sugary stuff late in the evening, when I go to bed my heartrate is annoyingly accelarated, which makes sleeping hard. So:

Rule #1: no sugar after 6pm.
Rule #2 (which I’ve made before but am going to actually stick to now o.o): no sugar-sweets (cookies, candy, whatever) before having ‘natural’ sweets (apples, applesauce, peaches). I have to earn sugar-sweets.
Rule #3: Exercise. Actually, I really haven’t been that bad about exercising, because I’ve been walking a lot, but I need to make a more concerted effort. I need to find my dumbbells, too.

I’m going to check back in on the weight thing in 2 weeks. I’m aiming for a 2 pound weight loss by the 15th.