good & bad

Good news: I got up at about 5:15 to write. Bad news: I got my new ch. 8 started and realized I just plain didn’t have enough idea of where Jo was working out of to write what I now need to write. So I turned off the laptop and came upstairs and started poking around the SPD website.

Now I know that Jo works in the North Precinct, which is also where she lives (I knew where she lived before, I just didn’t know it was in the North Precinct), and what area it covers and where its main building is. I know for a certainty now that she can patrol University Way.

I also know that the North Precinct building is 14,000 square feet and horribly overcrowded, that detectives work out of a separate building rented from the city of Seattle, that they’re trying to figure out a way to expand and that the possibility of splitting the North Precinct into the Northwest and Northeast Precincts has come up (the North Precinct is huge, 32 square miles), and that if I don’t go get some breakfast now I shall perish of the starvation. :)

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