good news/bad news

The good news is I was able to sleep almost normally last night. I was able to turn over several times — yes, I had to wake up to do that, but night before I woke up and was *unable* to turn over, so that’s definitely an improvement. And this morning I was able to get out of bed relatively pain free (this is not the same as pain free, but it’s nothing like white-lipped nausea like I had yesterday), and move around if not normally, at least less painfully.

The bad news is that the pain has moved into my right butt cheek, where it spasms violently when I sit down. :P I still haven’t figured out how to get my socks on this morning, because bending that way makes it go SKREEEEEE. I’m still relying on the back support thing, ’cause it makes me feel safer. I don’t want to use it past tomorrow, though, because I don’t want to start really relying on it. My back muscles will never get stronger again if I do that. :/ Of course, otoh, if I can’t *walk* without it … :}

In other news . . . you know, there is no other news. I’m sure this is all very exciting to read about, but at least it’s some small degree of usefulness towards keeping my sanity. :)

I wish my butt would stop spasming. o.o