great photo archive project

I thought maybe I’d tackle the Great Photo Archiving Project again and took out the box of photos I’d weeded down from literally thousands to…well, probably still over a thousand, really, but no longer three or five thousand.

However, I have been pretty much instantly defeated by realising this is a job that basically requires having every photo album I’ve got opened on a table in front of me so I can figure out quickly where to rough-sort the pictures. I mean, they’re rough-sorted already, but unless I actually have the albums out so I can be putting them away it’s pretty meaningless. And having 15 albums and a couple thousand photos lying on the table is not really something an almost-5-year-old is going to be *helpful* with, despite his best efforts, so…I’m defeated.

It’s one of those…”it probably wouldn’t take *that* long if I could just sit down and do it” things (where “that” long is probably 2-5 hours, depending on my level of motivation), but at the most I have about half an hour at any given time, and that’s only enough time to start making a real mess and not even get it cleaned up. And this is the *easy* part of the GPAP; the *hard* part is getting my act together and scanning all this stuff in. But I concluded a long time ago that I had to get them winnowed down and into albums first, because the actual scanning could take years.

I also have a dream of going through my TENS OF THOUSANDS of digital photographs and having photo books of those printed up too.

I also have a dream of owning less stuff, too. I may be going about it wrong. #sigh