great white sloth

Plus, I was a great white sloth this morning. Ted’s stupid alarm, which I don’t know how to turn off, went off at 6:30, a time at which I was utterly unprepared to wake up. I beat on it; it went off again 9 minutes later; I beat on it some more, pushing all the buttons I could find around (I did this yesterday, too, and inadvertantly turned it up quite a lot, so today not only could I not turn it off, but it was extremely loud and unstoppable) and eventually managed to turn it off, but didn’t believe I had, so I went back to sleep with the expectation that 9 minutes later I would be wakened again.

I woke up very briefly at 7:23, to my great surprise, since I expected it to be about 6:57. Much of my brain thought I’d gotten up, and I dreamed of wakeful things, so I was even *more* surprised to struggle out of sleep at 7:53 and still be in bed. I managed to get up at about five after eight, and told the cats, who were meowing demandingly, that I was a great white sloth. While I stood vacantly in the shower I remembered I’d been going to shave my legs this morning. I guess I’ll have to do that tonight. Maybe I’ll take a bubble bath. :)

That was *way* more information than you wanted to know, wasn’t it?