I’m going to be very annoyed if my time stamp still isn’t working correctly.

I’m ALSO very annoyed because it’s SNOWING. DAMMIT. I don’t WANT it to be snowing. I want it to be BEAUTIFUL. And WARM. *stomps around*

I went for a 4 mile walk yesterday. When I got home my stoopid foot cramped up quite horribly. But Angie posted about this Walk to Rivendell thing (basically, walk 458 miles by Dec 17th, when Return of the King opens), which I think is a cool, geeky, fun idea, so I’m going to walk to Rivendell along with Sarah and Angie.

Except it’s SNOWING and I don’t WANT to walk in the SNOW DAMMIT.

Actually, walking in the snow’s really not that bad when it’s only a couple of inches, which is what it’ll probably be. Just, grrr. I want to be able to BIKE!

Miles walked to Rivendell: 4