gym! hungry! stuff!

I got up at 6 and went to the gym this morning. Go me!

Except it was really EXTREMELY weird because the alarm went off and Ted didn’t turn it off and after about fifteen seconds I said (whined), “Ted, hit the snooze.” No response. I lay there another ten seconds or so and said, “Hit the *snooze*.” No response. I flopped over, and TED WASN’T THERE!

I stared in bewilderment, then stared at the bathroom, which was open and dark. No Ted THERE, either!

So I rolled over in a very snivelly fashion and hit the snooze, and tried to figure out what had happened to my husband.

Now, I knew he’d been planning to get up at 5 and take Chantico for a walk. The logical assumption was that he had in fact done this. However, I had _totally_ failed to hear him get up, or hear him move, or _anything_, so I just didn’t know how he could have *done* that.

It did not occur to me until just this moment to consider the possibility that he had been abducted by aliens.

But at about 6:06 he came in and said, “Are you going to the gym?” and he was all wet from having, indeed, gone walking with the puppy in the rain. And so I whined about my confusion to him, and got up, and went to the gym, and worked out, and now I am STARVING TO DEATH, and must walk the puppy and get some breakfast. Probably in that order.