gym post: i did the thing!

I…have been complaining bitterly on Twitter, and somewhat less bitterly here, about the buses in Drogheda. To summarize: they suck. They are either late or early and when they’re late it can be “I’ve been standing here in the cold for 70 minutes” late and if they’re early it can be “I got to the bus stop on time and never even saw the damn thing,” so it’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get to the gym by relying on it. Like, I tried to go to the gym 3 times last week, and only made it once, because of this crap.

So for…who are we kidding, months now…I’ve been saying I was going to take the bike a friend gave me and start riding it to the gym. My time would be my own! I’d get cardio in! It’d be great!

Except, y’know: cold out. And it has been a cold winter by Ireland’s standards, which is to say, I would joyfully spend 3 months out of every year biking in this weather back in Alaska, but in Alaska I had the winter biking gear for it. So I’ve been putting it off, but having been blown off by the bus repeatedly this week, this morning, in grim determination, I took the bike, walked it to school with Indy, then got on and pedaled my fat ass to the gym.

I would like VERY MUCH to believe that Google Maps is wrong and it is not 3.3km, but rather 3.3 MILES, to the gym, because it took me 25 freakin’ minutes to cycle there. And I was very slow, definitely, but jfc I hope it didn’t actually take nearly half an hour to bike 3km. o.O I mean, I used to bike 25-30 miles in a couple of hours…

Aaaaaaanyway, the point is I did it! And then I went to the gym. Upper body workout. O.O Because hoo boy my sit bones and thighs are already really sore and I bet tomorrow is going to be miserable. I wouldn’t say I’ve got great ambitions of doing this again tomorrow, but perhaps two or three times over the next week, that would be nice. :)