gym & stuff

I got up a bit later than usual this morning, ’cause Ted didn’t have to go to work today because his parents are in town and he’s being a good son, but I /did/ go to the gym, and did a lower body workout which I suspect will cause me, mid-afternoon, to suddenly be unable to walk anymore. :)

Then I came home and realized I was late for a meeting. Oops. But I met, and Ted BROUGHT ME BREAKFAST, isn’t he a NICE husband? And I read Neil Gaiman’s blog, which said:

[I had an airplane flight yesterday and there were two chatty ladies next to me.]

At the end, one of the ladies asked what I did. I said I was a writer. “Well,” she said, “When are you going to be a New York Times Bestseller then?” It was the kind of cheerfully patronising thing people say to strangers they meet on planes. I’m sure if I’d said I was a musician she’d have said “Well, when are you going to have a hit record then?” I think I was meant to shrug and say “One day,” hopefully with a wistful smile, and she would have told me that was the spirit, but I said “Last June.”

Which makes me say: GO NEIL!

In fact, it made me write him a note that said “GO NEIL!” and it ended up being signed “-from a bunch of Ambar (Jean-Marie Diaz) and Phyllis (Liralen) Rostykus and Angie-the-blue-haired-girl’s friends! :)” because, well, he doesn’t know me from Adam. Or Eve. :)

I am quite happy. :)

Oh, and also, there was email from Jai this morning, complaining bitterly about my friends and their webpages with links to nifty jewelry and how it all made her want to buy some and froth froth froth! Hee hee hee. :)

Oh yeah! Plus, fan mail last night! Someday I will have to work more on my new Methos novel. But not until I’ve finished rewriting another chapter of US. :)