ha cha cha!

Ha cha cha! (Yes, that’s my phrase for the week, or something.) Just got email back from Dail, the woman who runs the Jim Byrnes Fan Club, which she’s getting on its feet again. I said if she was interested I’d like to do a new design for the fan club site, and she responded positively! So maybe sometime soon here I’ll get the chance to design a fan club site! I’d *really* enjoy that. A *lot*!

I swam hard enough last night that my legs are sore this morning. Not *terribly* sore, but I can feel ’em. That’s cool.

I also did a couple of 1:30 100 yard sprints, which doesn’t entirely suck. It’s not great, but it doesn’t entirely suck. :) And my 500 in 9:10, which, again, doesn’t entirely suck.

Thinks to do today:

1. clean the kitty litter
2. write 1700-3000 words
3. exercise in some fashion
4. make banana bread