hair nightmares

Poor Spike. Man.

I was having hair nightmares last night. A variety of them, ranging from going bald (male pattern baldness) to having hair stuck in my head like a barbie doll, to great gobs of hair melting off from a bleach job gone bad. In one part of the dream I had hair well past my shoulders, with blunt bangs cut, but I’m not sure I actually looked like me. Then I got my hair wet and it got all curly, which was kind of cool, but it was still falling out in big gobs, so overall I was extremely relieved to wake up and discover that I was not suffering from male pattern baldness.

Also I dreamed I was in a department store wheelchair race, in which you were supposed to go zooming around the store and touch a bunch of walls and do a bunch of, um, things. One of these things was stop at a little gymnasium sort of thing and do bench press — and leg press and leg curls and leg extensions. o.O I lost the race because I hadn’t even seen that list of things to do on the list, and besides, to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t touched any of the walls except the ones in the restaurant where the race ended, because I’d forgotten about that part of it until somebody passed me and I saw her doing it.

I did not go to art class last night. I did work on a drawing, and I called some of the gyms on Northern Lights to see how much they cost, and I can afford to join one out of my allowance. Maybe I’ll go look at them this weekend and think about it. The women’s gym is the cheapest, even if it seems sort of silly to join an all-women’s gym.