Fiery Sunset

On Wednesday, I looked at FB earlier than usual while waiting for the cat to have her morning drink of shower water, so I woke up to the utterly joyous news that a dear friend has gotten engaged to a woman who adores her and was filled with happy tears for them.

And the next post carried the devastating news that novelist Steve Miller, co-author of the long-running Liaden series, died Tuesday afternoon.

I spent yesterday more than a little emotionally rattled.

I didn’t know Steve well, but I liked him. I know his wife Sharon better (and like her too, obviously), and of course I’ve known their books for literal decades. I had, in fact, just had sent a fangirl squee praising their work on Monday, and I’d like to think he’d enjoyed at least a little high praise this week. :}

There is a whole universe of mourning, now. What a blow. I’m so sorry for his family, friends, and fans. 💔