heavy lifting: completed

Oh my *god* the ATLANTIS FALLEN manuscript ended up a mess. I found an entire chapter and a half that hadn’t been in the version I was working from, and a scene that had been referenced but wasn’t in the version I was working from so I had to go find it and @.@. Fortunately it, most of it at least, could more or less slide right in with just a bit of massaging, but ye gods and little fishes.

The manuscript is 20K longer than the one I started with. I think it’s 5-7K longer than the Previously Revised Manuscript, too, but I don’t really know, there.

Anyway, that revision pass is done and all that’s left are dangly little bits and NOTES and a few name changes and things to deal with. It’ll take another go to fix those, but that’ll be detail work, not massively mashing two versions of the same manuscript together while also rebuilding the world it’s set in. @.@

So that’s one more item crossed off my Very Long To-Do List, and the anticipated release date for ATLANTIS FALLEN is, wait for it, waaaaait for it…April Fool’s Day!

No, really, it is. :)

It’s going to be an e-release only at first, and the release date does depend on cover art and getting the copy edits done between writing a short story and revising REDEEMER, but there’s (supposed to be) an Amazon boost if you release things every 30 days, and that would be great both for ATLANTIS FALLEN and for MAGIC & MANNERS.

And because people will (hopefully) ask: there *will* be a print book made available later in the year, but for the short term it’ll be e-book only.

Revising this book has totally rekindled my love for the story. New things have developed in the revisions, which delights me, and I’m really looking forward to getting it out into the world. :)

Hm. We’ve just gotten locked in the living room and Ted had to come home to rescue us. Maybe I can sneak up and work the rest of the afternoon and do all those fiddly bits… :)

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