hee hee!

Hee hee. So I just someone call up and say, “Hi, is this Catie?”

I said, “Yes…”

The someone said, “Congratulations!”

I said, “Thank you! Who is this?”

And it’s my friend Melissa, whom I had forgotten /works/ for Pacific North Mortgage & Realty (or something like that, I forget what it’s called exactly), and who had just gotten all our closing paperwork across her desk and was finishing it up for us and called up to congratulate us. :)

And Melissa just called back to say that Sandy, who did our closing for us on Tuesday, came by while Melissa was on the phone with me, and she wanted Melissa to tell us that she, Sandy, had had a really terrible day on Tuesday and that we’d really made her day because we were so enjoyable and cheerful during the closing, and it had really lifted her spirits. So that’s nice! *beam*