hitting people up

And today, I am hitting my friends up for money!

In May, I’m going to be doing the Talkeetna Clean Air Challenge, which is sponsored by the American Lung Association of Alaska. It’s a 60 mile ride from Houston, Alaska to Talkeetna, Alaska, and then back again, for a total of 120 miles (not being a math major, I can do simple addition). I’m supposed to raise $400 by May 8th, so I’m hitting up my friends (and co-workers, but not via my webpage for the latter) for money. If people would like to donate money, they can use the link above. I’d adore it, too, if you could send me an email telling me how much you donated, so I could keep some kind of track of how much I’d collected. You could, I suppose, post it in the comments section, for that matter, if you were the bold and showy type. :) (I’m sure ALA keeps track, but it’d be useful for /me/ to know, too, so I could see how far short (or ahead) of the $400 goal I am!)

For those who have a hard time remembering, my real name is Catie Murphy, not Kit. :)

If you would prefer, you can paypal me a donation at kit@mizkit.com, and I’ll do the rest of the work for you. :)

I’ll also keep a give-me-money link over on the side of my page so that if this entry gets lost in the depths of the page a donation link will be easy to find. :)