Got up and gymmed this morning, then had a piece of fudge for breakfast. There may be something flawed in this workout structure…

A posting from Deirdre, telling all about her having a baby:

we are good!

it’s actually spelled Breic!

his head has made a dramatic return to almost normal (or at least what i assume was normal :) he looks so different than he did at birth!

amazing. did i mention that i got to pull him out of me? he came out past his shoulders and i looked down and there was this BABY sticking halfway out of me! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gavin and mom said my eyes almost fell out of my head. that was a trip. also a trip was my first glimpse of the little cone of his head :)

rather inspirational for the next ten minutes or however much longer it took. pushing was weird and hard to get the hang of. sort of like trying to push a bowel movement, aiming about 6 inches beyond your body.

gavin got to cut the cord :) we’re both sore as dogs today, there was one particularly effective postition in which i braced off of him a LOT. that was the hardest and most intense thing i’ve ever done in my life. which i expected but it’s just not POSSIBLE to expect it on the level at which it actually is. wow. BUT totally worth it, thank heavens remembering pain and experiencing it are two such different things. or we’d be a world of one child families :) TOTALLY worth it, immediately as soon as he was out of me i thought.

i put vitamin E oil straight on the little cuts that i think i received from his very long fingernails (he came out with a couple little scabs on his face from cutting himself in utero) and they’ve healed already. praise vitamin E!

he is so amazing! it’s so amazing that a separate LIFE just came out of me! and good natured! he really is. he hasn’t really cried at all, except right when he came out, and he stopped as soon as he got warm (which was quickly). Julia, one of the midwives, did a home visit today and did a PKU test which involved drawing blood from his little heel and he just gave a squeak at the prick and recovered just about immediately. bled all he needed to and then stopped. how clever of him :) tough little baby! hopefully he’ll stay so cheerful :)

gavin was AWESOME, he’s still pretty wiped out. i have the mommy hormones to help me recover but it was SO intense emotionally, and he breathed through every contraction with me and did all the sympathetic pushing that he could… also held me up in one position which must’ve WORKED his back and arms.

i can fit into normal pants! wow. mom’s a little pissed about that :) she said i’d better not tell that to very many people who’ve had babies, if i expect them to still love me. :D or words to that effect. :)

Mary Lou (midwife #1, Julia ended up not attending because she had a sick child and an out of town husband, so another one, Jamie, came in instead) had a dream two days prior that we had a red headed baby boy. and there he was. :) she’s, like, meant for her job, i think.

i love you guys very very much! we will get pictures posted ASAP. love!