holy mother of mercy.

We have done so much work. And there is so very, very much more to do. However, at this stage, we’ve both collapsed into the couch and there’s not much chance we’re getting up again until bedtime (except actually we need to go make up the bed so that at bedtime we can just drop into it).

This morning a nice man came and put a new carpet down in Young Indiana’s room. That took him about 35 minutes. Not very long after, two more nice men came and put a new 6×8 shed into our back garden, which took them just slightly longer than an hour.

With those things in place it became much more possible to start unpacking. After working on it pretty literally all day long, the kitchen is nearly unpacked. Ted, in a heroic effort, fought his way through the Goblin Kingdom living room and found the modem so we could have internets.

Tomorrow, with any kind of luck, we’ll get the Big Bookcase put together before Ted goes to Cork to see ZZ Top in concert, and then I’ll be able to make more headway, because an appalling number of these boxes contain books.

In the meantime, I should do laundry. And the following, although not necessarily in the meantime:

at this house:
measure windows for blackout blinds
get blackout blinds
get mattress pad/protector for Gulliver bed
get room-sized rugs
– get shrubbery
– get bird feeder
– get new pillows
– get childproofing stuff
– jumbletown:
» large wardrobe
» table & chairs
» that one desk
» our computer desk what don’t fit wah
– repaint upstairs bathroom
– 2nd coat on downstairs bathroom
– many, many, many other things as they occur

at that house:
– get trees, bike tent, green man
– clean
– paint ceiling in that one room

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