From Angie’s page:


Peter Wingfield really does have an enormous nose. He’s incredibly attractive, I don’t dispute that, but seeing him in profile is somewhat amusing, particularly with Adrian Paul also in profile right next to him.

*howls of laughter* *howls and howls of laughter*

I prefer to think of his nose as *magnificent*, not *enormous*, but then, Angie says: i thought about using ‘magnificent,’ but thought of that as a very kitlike phrase, so i didn’t. ^_^;

It is turning into a very Peter Wingfieldy sort of day. *happy cackle* And Angie is swooning repeatedly over Methos’ first scene, and so I am smug and pleased and hee hee hee.

Anyway, I didn’t swim this morning, snif. But Ted didn’t know I wanted to, because I went to take a bath last night but Shaun had just taken a shower and was starting laundry and there was about three seconds worth of cold water and so in a fit of temper I just went to bed. At 9:15. So I didn’t talk to Ted. Because he wasn’t home.

I’m going to go do some work now. Really.