i adulted again today

I made a list of three house things and three writing things I needed to do today, and then went and bought and assembled a cat tree, which was on neither of those lists. We hope the cat will use it. Mostly to pop her claws on (it’s got a great wide tall popping board, which was specifically why I got it: she has no use for small cat trees).

After that I thought I wouldn’t get anything done, but I finally dragged myself up to the bedroom, changed the sheets, and emptied two boxes like I put on my list. Of course, that mostly means I have two boxes worth of clothes on the floor, but they’re sorted into “keep these” and “if you’re ever thin enough to fit these again you can buy new ones”, the latter of which are going to a charity shop. :p

Then I slogged into the office and emptied another couple boxes, more or less cleared off my desk, hooked the computer up, got the Captain’s Chair in working order, and spent some time wondering if I really care enough about all the Rogue and Gambit figurines anymore to even bother, particularly since I have less space to bother in, now.

Judging from the contents of my office, you would think art and photographer were more important to me than my application of interest in them actually indicates. And also possibly sewing. I CAN DREAM, DAMMIT.

As a bonus I remembered I had to, and therefore did, cook dinner. Did I mention that having had Ted as the house spouse for the past 18 months allowed me to forget how much I don’t like having to cook? I don’t even think I dislike *cooking*, on reflection, but I really dislike *having* to cook. Anyway, I made a nice chicken pot pie which only got on the table about 15 minutes late, mostly because I forgot to boil the carrots and potatoes. @.@

I was pretty sure, at that point, that I would not get the work-based things I needed to do done, but I actually did. I mean, none of it’s going fast enough and I should have done it all earlier in the day but gah, at least I did it.

I might go sleep now. I’ve been mostly going to bed at pretty sensible hours, and I’m wrecked anyway, and I can’t imagine how much worse shape I’d be in if I wasn’t making an effort to get enough sleep.